Augmentation Mammaplasty with Anatomical implant

Some women at this time suffer from breast deformities, whether they have sagging, small or overly large breasts, which causes them psychological and social problems, so breast plastic surgery is resorted to.
Through this article, we will learn about breast plastic surgery, how to repair breast deformities, and the steps to perform them with Dr. Sameh El Nomany, consultant plastic surgeon and repair.
Reasons for performing mammoplasty surgeries :-
There are many reasons that are used to perform cosmetic dentistry, as follows:
1. In the case of severe skin sagging, due to several factors, including aging, in addition to breastfeeding, pregnancy and others.
2. Lack of feeling self-confidence due to the extreme small or large size of the breast.
3. Work to improve the appearance and shape of the breast.
4. Asymmetry in the shape of the breasts, because one of them is larger or smaller than the other.

Types of breast augmentation and how to perform it?
There are three main types of breast augmentation, which are:
1.Breast lift and lift, as it changes in size and shape constantly with changing hormones, pregnancy and lactation, and aging, which may make the breast lax and sagging, so the breast lift is the best solution for these cases, and the breast lift and lift is done by removing the excess skin from the breast and nipple To be taut, not flabby.
2-Breast reduction, where some women resort to reducing the size of the breast due to the presence of back pain, breathing problems, and curvature of the spine. Breast reduction surgery is performed to give a more consistent appearance to both the breast and the nipple, by removing excess fat in the breasts.
3-Breast enlargement, where some women resort to breast enlargement surgery as a result of dissatisfaction with the exaggerated small breast size and because of exposure to several reasons that led to the small size of the breast, namely:
• Weight loss
• Pregnancy.
• Breastfeeding.
Breast augmentation can be performed either by transferring fat from an area of the body, or more commonly, by surgically inserting a saline or silicone solution into your breasts.

The cost of breast plastic surgery :-
The cost depends on several different factors, including the type of techniques, the type of anesthesia, the type of breast plastic surgery, as well as the difference of the treating doctor and the center in which the operation is performed, the same doctor may perform the operation at a low cost in one center and high in another center.

Breast plastic surgery results :-
The results of mammoplasty procedures are immediately apparent, and the swelling may make it difficult to evaluate the final results even after you have had the opportunity to begin treatment.
While the results should last for a long time.
After the operation, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Abstain from smoking because it delays the healing process.
In the last
At Dr. Sameh El Noamany Center, a plastic and repair consultant plastic surgeon, we provide the best health care with the highest quality, as has been explained through this article, breast plastic surgery, how to perform it, and the most important results and cost.