Abdominoplasty Markings

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the shape of the abdomen to its natural position by removing excess fat, sagging and skin tags, restoring the shape of the abdominal muscles to obtain a taut abdomen, and treating skin stretching after pregnancy and childbirth.
In this article, we will learn about the steps involved in its procedure and the factors that depend on its cost through Dr. Sameh El Noamany, consultant obesity and plastic surgery center.
How to perform a tummy tuck?
Abdominoplasty is done through the following steps:
1. At first, the patient is given a complete anesthesia inside the operating room, where the operation takes about four hours.
2. The doctor plans the area where the surgery will be performed.
3. In full tummy tuck operations, the doctor opens an incision along the abdomen and around the navel, then raises the skin up and tightens the muscles and removes the excess skin and raises the navel to its new location, then the doctor sews the surgery area, and installs two tubes in the lower abdomen area to filter the various secretions from it.
4. Upon completion, the doctor puts a pressure belt on the abdomen.
5. In partial abdominal surgery, a short incision is made in the lower abdomen, and excess fat and skin are removed without tightening the muscles, and no tightening is done around the navel, and this process is very simple if compared to total lift operations.
6. If all body indicators are good after surgery, the patient is transferred from the intensive care room to the inpatient rooms, and the patient can leave the hospital the next day.

What is the recovery time from tummy tuck surgery?
The recovery period lasts at least a month, and during the first six weeks, strenuous activities and pressure on the abdomen should be avoided, or sudden bending, and most of the results appear immediately after the completion of the operation, and during the healing period they begin to appear gradually, and as soon as all the swelling goes away, and the fluid dries up, The incisions have healed in the surgery, and the abdomen will return to its normal position within 3 months.

The cost of a tummy tuck
The costs of the operation depend on several different factors, including the type of techniques and the type of anesthesia, as well as the difference in the center in which the operation is performed. The same doctor may perform the operation at low cost in one center and high in another center.
In the last
At the Dr. Sameh Center, a consultant obesity and plastic surgery consultant, we provide the best health care to get rid of obesity by performing a four-dimensional obesity surgery, as explained in this article, the tummy tuck, how it is performed, and how much it costs.