Can silicon affect breastfeeding?

Silicon does not affect breastfeeding permanently, but if there is a change in hormones and glands as a result of pregnancy, then it is certain that she will not face problems in producing natural milk and thus her breastfeeding will be a natural thing without problems.

What are the techniques that are used in facelift ?

The facelift is done through several methods, including surgery or non-surgical methods such as laser and filler.
There are operations that include eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift, known as extended facelifts and rejuvenation
Also, there are many techniques that work to reduce facial wrinkles, such as Botox, chemical peeling, fillers, surgery, cell therapy and ultrasound, so the specialist must evaluate the condition to choose the appropriate procedure.

When will the results of the body sculpting process appear ?

The result of the body sculpting process can be noticed directly during the first day of the surgery, and the improvement appears gradually within two weeks until the final result is reached after approximately three months.

Does rhinoplasty affect the sense of smell ?

The sense of smell is slightly weaker after rhinoplasty, but this is a temporary weakness. Swelling and inflammation are normal after rhinoplasty, and after that, the nose is weak in receiving smells, but during healing and the normal situation, the smell is restored and the respiratory system is normal and balanced. Is being. So if you have had rhinoplasty with a well-experienced nose surgeon, do not worry about your sense of smell.

How to treat dark circles ?

Dark circles are treated using several methods, depending on the condition and nature. Among the treatment methods are:
Laser, fillers, chemical peels, or surgery

What are the types of eyelid surgery ?

– Eyelid lift operation.
– Laser eyelid lift operation.
– The process of treating bags and swollen eyelids is called a blepharoplasty

Does tummy tuck treat stretch marks after pregnancy ?

As the abdominoplasty gets rid of most of the skin in the lower abdomen, and the stretch is removed from this area while removing the excess skin, but if the stretch marks are outside this area, the tummy tuck will not help in getting rid of them.